Saturday, September 11, 2010

Freedom Reading

Monarch stopping by.
Moonvine slowly opens at 6 pm
Cloudy and only 80 degrees? That's positively crisp.

I'm out there. All day. The monarchs are stopping by--one hanging out on the fall aster-- the hummingbirds are zipping, the moonvine parasols are opening at dusk every day-->

 And so, having overdone it, and pulled muscles, lugged bags of compost the wrong way [with back and not knees] I'm paying for it.

Sore. Tired. Ready to read.

 You've probably heard about the dust-up around Jonathan Franzen's new novel, Freedom.
I'm reading it on my iPad...and generally...loving it.

By the second chapter, especially--found myself hooked. Patty is one of those characters with more layers than Baklava.

Don't know if it will live up to all the hooplah--cover of Time?! Great American Novelist? etc., etc.

Maybe. Stay tuned.
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