Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Guest Post: A Good Blog is Hard to Find

I've included a little more detail about the Willie Morris Award for Southern Fiction today on A Good Blog is Hard to Find...including how to nominate a southern author for next year's award.

See my previous post here, "My Arm is Purple," for details on how SECRET KEEPERS received this honor.

And speaking of purple arms--well, sort of-- my toes are blue. Blue from the cold, from a day that may not THAW, a day where temperatures don't so much HOVER around 30 degrees F, but cling to it with icy claws.

Photo credit: Red and the Peanut 

I'm filling the bird feeder twice a day now-- early morning and late afternoon--because the birds are stuffing their little gullets to keep warm...It takes a energy and puffed up down to survive this chill, and it amazes me every day as I look out and see my feathered, downy winged friends chawing and cracking away at the suet and peanuts and sunflower seeds and safflower seed--how they can survive in this frozen hard cold earth. 

But they do. Rather cheerfully. And they sing, too!

It's the small miracles that astound.

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