Thursday, September 27, 2007

"She picked me! She picked me!"

This bell pepper is just damned charming. While volunteering at the community garden last Saturday (trying to get in my Master Gardner volunteer hours..not easy) I was harvesting the peppers and, lo and behold, there he was GRINNING at me, exclaiming (if vegetables truly exclaim and clearly they can) that it's such an honor to be part of Project Host's meals for the hungry, even if that part means being tossed in a salad.

I assumed that he (and of course the pepper isn't a HE...vegetables don't have genders...except, maybe Italian eggplant or the occasional lascivious, waxed cucumber) was only too glad to be plucked and carted off to the soup kitchen, chortling the whole way...beside his pal the scarlet red tomato. Turns out (the Silver Queen corn told me--such a gossip, that one-- in one ear and out the other, and not a kernel of truth) the real reason this jolly little pepper was laughing and the tomato blushing? They saw the salad dressing.

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