Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What Should I Read Next?

What Should I Read Next is a website that predicts--or recommends-- books you might like based on books you've read. Of course, your neighborhood indy bookseller can make such predictions in person, but it's cool to see what lists you come up with. (Similar to Amazon and other online sellers, but I assume with What I should Read Next there's no co-op or money exchanged...)

I'm pretty good at this...figuring out what authors or books people would love, based on their reading tastes. It's great fun at cocktail parties....at least until I get my Tarot card reading up to snuff.

So here's a recommendation from me to you: If you're a Picoult fan and liked this book, try THE LIFE BEFORE HER EYES by Laura Kasischke (soon to be a movie called "Bloom"). Both novels explore a similar "Columbine massacre" event. Kasischke is a poet as well as prose writer, and her writing is lyrical and emotionally powerful.

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  1. blog hopping from the philippines...landed here...nice posts...great book


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