Monday, January 7, 2008

Watching, reading

My household has been chosen as a "Nielsen" household. They're sending along booklets for us to faithfully! We promise! fill out so we can help determine what rocks on the tube. We'll probably skew their data. But how cool to be able to report our favorite show is:

Which is back as of last night, thank God. It's the best thing on TV--"Dickensian" seems to be the term thrown around a lot, but I think it's apt.

30 Rock is probably heading into reruns b/c of the strike, but you can get the first season on Netflix. It's a hoot!

And shocking-- I shocked myself here-- by warming up to a show that features high school football (yeah, I know, ick to that) but Friday Night Lights is surprisingly good and pretty addictive. Netflix it.

I'm reading the Best American Short Stories 2007 edited by Stephen King. Haven't finished it yet, but I can definitly see the influence of "the King" in these selections.

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