Thursday, October 16, 2008

Open Spaces, Sacred Places

In today's NYT's Home section: a not-to-be-missed article, Public Spaces Meant to Heal by Anne Raver, about the TKF Foundation and its mission to fund community gardens in public (unlocked, ungated) spaces. From the article:
They include healing gardens in hospitals; teaching gardens and a community-built arboretum; a garden planted by inmates at a prison in western Maryland; a columbarium, or place to store ashes after cremation, for the poor in a garden in Falls Church, VA; and a tree-planting project at the University of Mryland...These gardens, which are open to all, very widely, but they have one thing in common: each is a sacred space, a place that somehow 'transforms you, where you are willing to give yourself up,' (Tom) Stoner explained...
The TKF Foundation--they have a TERRIFIC website--about the only one you can visit that will leave you feeling calm-- has just published a book, Open Spaces, Sacred Places about the dozens of spaces transformed into "homes for the soul." I plan to read it soon.

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