Friday, November 28, 2008

Fleeing Black Friday Madness

Never have been a fan of the Black Friday insanity, and proudly abstain from the 5 a.m. lines. I guess I'm not much of a hunter/gatherer.

<--- It's easy to lose your head over stuff.

But I sure do love being outside on a day like this one: 60 plus degrees, gorgeous sapphire sky, rosemary and pansies to plant.

A glimmer of good news today. Ron Rash's novel, Serena, made Janet Maslin's cut of "Books that Tower Above the Rest." So, yay. Ron is a mentor of mine. A good soul and an immensely talented writer who is getting some well-deserved attention lately-- but then folks from around these parts always knew he would.

Other books named that I just have to move up on my own list: Lush Life by Richard Price, Plague of Doves by Louise Erdrich, A Mercy by Toni Morrison....and more.

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