Thursday, September 3, 2009

Flower Names for People

I think people with flower names are lucky. They get to be associated with fragrant, beautiful images: Daisy, Rose, Lily, Fern, Iris, Basil, Ivy, Violet.

But no Phlox? Or Sunflower?
No Bloodroot or monkshood or milkweed-- ok, I get that. But how about Magnolia, Cactus, Gardenia, Tulip?

One of the characters in my new work is named Azalea. I think that's a very fine name for a woman.

Here's an eerie aside. A plant name with sort of a morbid but intriguing history: Serviceberry, which blooms in spring, and used to indicate, with its white flowers-- like little surrendering flags-- when the winter was over and the ground thawed enough to bury the dead from the winter. So funeral services could commence.

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