Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tooting My Horn: Press Clips

Welcome to my virtual press clippings page. I'm grateful for the ink-- I love when the media covers books and authors.

This just in: An interview with me [about family secrets] in the Spartanburg Herald Journal here.

I'm so looking forward to reading tomorrow night-- Monday, Dec 7 for the Hub City Writers Project at The Showroom, 149 S. Daniel Morgan Ave., Spartanburg, SC. What a great organization!

And from Skirt-- an interview and book review of Secret Keepers.

The photo here, which appears in skirt, was taken by John Fowler.


  1. that's awesome.. I read it. I'm gonna have to read your book!

  2. You were great at your Hub City reading last night. I just wish you had read more. Thanks for signing my copy of your wonderful novel THE SECRET KEEPERS. My sister was thrilled to meet you, and I was equally thrilled to meet you again and to hear your words in your own voice. Your book really touched my life on many levels. Thanks.
    Betty Snow

  3. Thanks Shelby.

    And thanks Betty for coming out to hear me read, and for your kind words!


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