Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Trees are Randy, Baby

Yeah, Baby-->
They say on a full-moon day in May, the Buddha sat under the shady Bodhi tree in deep meditation and attained enlightenment.

 "The groves were God's first temples."  ~William Cullen Bryant said.

When I want to clear my head, I go outside among the tall, stoic trees. And lately, I sneeze.

Everything is chartreuse. Everyone is sneezing and wheezing, suffering from all the trees'  floating "male gametes"-- tree sperm.

There must be some randy going-ons at night--which gives new meaning to "tree crotch."

April showers bring relief from pollen...and might finally uncover my [formerly blue] car and my [formerly black] porch.


  1. I just sneezed while reading this, Mindy, even though we had a small shower just a few hours back. It brought blessed relief outdoors, but inside, where the "male gametes" had drifted in through the open windows the past few days, it's still a bit dusty. ;)

  2. I didn't know trees have crotches and get randy. :) Nice post.

  3. Meredith-- April showers on Thursday were a lifesaver,but today the pollen returns with a vengeance.

    LR-- Yep, trees definitely have crotches along with their you know! :)

  4. "...randy going-ons at night" (love it...hahaha!)


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