Monday, August 9, 2010


FILM, I mean.

Do you read a novel with a clear picture of the character in your head-- an actor?

You think....So-and-so would be perfect as  Jake.

Or, I always pictured someone like [Academy-award winning actor A] playing her.

On MyBooktheMovie today you'll find the sterling cast I suggest for SECRET KEEPERS the movie, starting with Emma:

Emma Hanley - Frances Conroy
I’ll never forget Frances Conroy's fascinating role as Ruth, the matriarch on HBO’s Six Feet Under. Both Frances and Emma, as it happens, are redheads and willowy and southern. Frances, born in Georgia, would capture Emma's soft lilt and steely kindness--and her unexpected chance for a late-in-life romance. She’d make Emma her own.
READ MORE including who will play Jake, Dora, Kyle, and Gordon. Oh, and also a suggestion for director.

Thanks, Marshal Zeringue for asking me to cast my movie!

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