Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Horticultural short-short story contest

Over at Garden Rant--one of the most informative and FUN Grogs [er, that' blogs] around-- there is a short-short fiction contest going on. Horticultural shorts-- 99 words or less.

Hop on over to read the entries--they're great. And enter! I did. Here's my contribution--exactly 99 words-- taken, albeit loosely, from Secret Keepers:

Jake bragged his Blooming Idiots Landscaping was growing like a weed. But Gordon, his best employee, was eccentric. He’d refused to trim certain trees, for example. “I don’t ever lift the skirts of a magnolia,” he said.

Now, Gordon was drawing a crowd at the country club, spooning clumps of compost into fishnet pantyhose.

“What in Pete’s name are you doing?” Jake asked.

“Making tea,” Gordon said. He dunked a stuffed stocking in the watering can. “Not for you, either.”

“Well, that’s a relief. Whose legs did you peel those things off of?”

Gordon laughed.

“Anybody I know?”

Gordon glanced over at the cosmos and cone flowers. “Compost tea. They’re gonna soak it right up.”

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