Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Moon Vine, anyone?

I've harvested lots of Moon Vine seeds from last year's beauties. If you'd like some, let me know your mailing address and I'll send you some--while quantities last, as they say. I've included a few photos here from last year's Moon Vine in my garden.

Soak in weak tea overnight and plant after all danger of frost. [For example, I'm in zone 7, so our safe-from-frost date is April 15.]

Moon vine is one of those poet's posies--sensuous, each bloom opening at night, a tender, fragrant flower attracting night pollinators. [Gosh, that sounds sort of...erotic]. It's a fast growing annual--related, oddly enough, to the Morning Glory, which is the flip side flower--blooming only in the sunlight. You can grow them on the same fence or trellis, one blooming in sun, fading out just as the other pops open at dusk.

Guaranteed to inspire.


  1. I wold like to try some. Do you want us to send you a self addressed stamped envelope?

  2. Ya'll, please email me your mailing addresses to mindyAtyahooDOTcom. Thanks...I'll mail your seeds.



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