Thursday, April 23, 2009

These boots were made for planting

When I hit the road for a book tour in a couple of weeks, I'll be bringing along a LOT of footware. But not to wear. These are boots. Discarded ones. Some pilfered. All stuffed with sumptuous succulents and posies.

The friends, loved ones, and strangers unaware they've donated to the booty cause will surely be charmed by the results. I'm still collecting boots and gathering up plants. I'll be giving some bootylicious planters away at readings and signings-- while supplies last. Hope to see you there.

Addendum: I've already written about the cover of SECRET KEEPERS--those boots are on my front porch. I keep getting asked--but WHOSE boots are they? Well, one of them is a husband's and one belongs to some dude from the 80's. I think. But that sounds like an entirely new novel.

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