Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cheers! It's Pub Day

That's pub as in publication...not as in dimly lit bar. But, hey, why not combine the two? Secret Keepers is officially out, perching on book shelves, and hopefully flying off them.

And speaking of perching and flying...this little fellow below appeared at my kitchen window where he tapped with his open baby beak maw, his mohawky tuft of feathers, and peered in at me with his googly damp baby bird eyes. Clearly, he'd heard in Birdland that I keep meal worms in the kitchen...but those worms are for the blue birds, or so I tried to explain to him. It's not like a run a drive-through with (worm) fries. His mother-- a cardinal as it turned out-- came and chirped at him and he fluttered off in that zig-zaggy Woodstucky fashion.
I love spring.

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