Friday, May 1, 2009

Contest: Secret Keepers & Seedy Characters

Tongue Orchids. Love-Lies-Bleeding. Soul Shines. Secret Keepers. Read all about it on A Good Blog is Hard to Find where I'm guest blogging today.
"The call," by the way, is an assigned topic for the month-- how writers found out their first novel was going to be published.
And freebies! Find out how to win your free signed copy of Secret Keepers and a package of my favorite seedy characters.

How I got the call? Funny you should ask. I'll tell you...a few paragraphs down. You can also find out how to win a "seedy character" package and a free signed copy of Secret Keepers. Scroll on if you like. Or take your time and read about the inspiration behind Secret Keepers, my second novel, just out this week from St. Martin's Press... continue reading.

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