Monday, May 25, 2009

On Zen donkeys and bookstores

Scroll on down to see a picture of a zen donkey.
I'm heading to the Queen City tomorrow, boot planter in tow, where I'll be signing books at Park Road Books: Tuesday May 26,
6:30 pm, Park Road Books, 4139 Park Road, Park Road Shopping Center, Charlotte, NC 28209, Tel: 704-525-9239 Park Road Books

And, as promised, here are a few pictures from last week's Bootylicious Boot Tour stop at McIntyre's Fine Books, in Fearington Village, near Pittsboro, NC. It used to be a dairy farm, and now it's a community and village. What I love--besides McIntyre's, which is an excellent bookstore that always has a crowd for readings--are the belted cows and this... zen donkey. Sunbathing in the mud, here, have you ever seen a more content creature, dwelling in the now?


  1. Love the zen donkey! I've had such a hectic morning, just looking at him makes me feel more relaxed.

    Pictures can be amazingly powerful! Especially when handled by such a talented photographer. I love the pictures on your sites almost as much as the writing.

    You express yourself beautifully with both.

  2. Thanks for compliments! I come to photography as a total neophyte-- with no expectations other than recording the beauty in front of's very therapeutic :)


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