Monday, May 4, 2009

Seedy Characters Contest: four more days

If you'd like a chance for a free signed hardback copy of Secret Keepers, along with a "seedy character" package of seeds from my own garden--including Amaranthus, Moon Flower Vine (pictured here), and Hyacynth Bean Vine (and if you don't plant, you can always give them away...and Mother's Day is imminent you know)-- email me: 1) your name 2) your mailing address and 3) in the subject line of the email write "Good Blog Contest." Email me at mindyfriddleATgmailDOTcom by midnight on Friday, May 8.

I'll have a disinterested party choose a name out of a big ol' floppy straw hat and that name could be yours. I'll post the winner's name on my blog. Good luck!

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