Monday, July 27, 2009

SECRET KEEPERS and Read-It-First

I love it when I go to, say, Whole Foods, and they have trays of different delectable treats on toothpicks that look and smell heavenly, and they say, here, try one, it's free... and you can't help but indulge. They give you a taste, a smidge of delicious, enough to make you realize you just have to have more, you just have to try out this recipe, and whoever thought star fruit and jalapeno peppers would be so...strangly addictive?

Well, this week SECRET KEEPERS is that delectable snack on a toothpick. Help yourself!

Here's how it works: Today starts a week-long email excerpt of SECRET KEEPERS from Suzanne Beecher's Read-it-First e-mail book club.

Each weekday morning, Read-it-First sends a few pages from the week’s featured title right to your email. By the end of the week, you’ll have read the opening chapters of that week's selection. It's a great way to sample a lot of different books-- books you may not have otherwise read or stumbled upon. Think snack tray.

You'll get a real taste, and you might even want to share the recipe, ummm, novel with your book club.

You can join READ-IT-FIRST here for an a tantalizing taste of SECRET KEEPERS...and all kinds of books in the weeks to come...and did I mention it's FREE?

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