Saturday, January 30, 2010

Why My Books Aren't on

. . . A free verse poem

In case you haven't heard--
Amazon and Macmillan are squabbling.
The feathers are flying.
The word
Is it has something to do with the price of Kindle books.
The kindlin' is igniting a big flame out [to mix my metaphors]
The full article is HERE from the NYTimes.
[You may have noticed--I'm not going for rhymes]

As of today, Amazon is no longer
selling Macmillan books from their site--
which means if you are a Macmillan author
[Holt, St. Martin's, Picador, FSG] You're the victim in this fight
Your books are no longer
on Amazon
it's that bad.
All because of an Apple


  1. This is disturbing... of course the artists lose out when the big corporations fight, as usual. I just got one of your books on Amazon a little over a week ago, and I've already finished it.

    I could barely put it down, honestly, and I'm really not good at writing reviews, but this will tell you something: I enjoyed it so much I plan to buy a copy of your other novel.

    I guess Amazon won't be getting the business on this one.

  2. what?! unbelievable. keep us posted on this..

  3. Powells' Books has them

    And so does Barnes and Noble

    some good things..

  4. Thanks Meredith! Glad you liked it.

    And Shelby-- yep, only Amazon is playing hard ball. Indie bookstores Barnes & Noble, Powell's etc. aren't in this's just between MacMillan and Amazon.

    Squabbling Corporations and Art don't seem to jibe...but we knew that.

  5. I hadn't realized it but many of my favorite books (including yours) are from Macmillan (!).


    I wonder if Macmillan can deliver straight to my house?

  6. yes-- ALL Macmillan books, including Wolf Hall, which is up for the National Book Award! BUT-- I've heard Amazon is backing down and about to re-list all the Macmillan books.


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