Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blog Tour & a Fame-seeking Hummingbird

Yesterday, snapping some pictures of the Bee Balm in the garden, this hummingbird--you can just see her on the right there if you squint--hovered an arm's length from my lens as if she were posing...and as if I were Paparazzi.

Hummingbirds love red, and I guess that includes red carpets. So...I think I'll name her in Jolie. She's gorgeous and she knows it. Unless she is a he, so maybe Brangelina is a safer choice.

Bootylicious Blog Tour stops today at Momecentric, where my guest post is on front-yard gardening: plant it, and they will come.


  1. Well, Mindy, I'm fairly certain that's a little girl bird, the males usually have a ruby red throat. I have a little lady in a nest again this year, it's a tiny cup-shape made with white fluff and lichen attached to near the end of the thinnest branch of the maple tree hanging over our back driveway, it's the sweetest thing! She pooped on me and my laptop last weekend while I was on the porch writing (thankfully, it's not that gross for poo because it's mostly sugar water, but still, yuck!) I needed to move my chair further away from the feeder! Then the male buzzed up and gave me the stink-eye. Jeez! He didn't like me being there either. Can't wait until my bee balm blooms up here, yours looks fantastic!



  2. Yep, I think you're right. The hummingbird is a she--Angelina, then.And she chirps, too!

  3. Great photo and conversation! I love watching the hummingbirds! What a gift they are!

  4. I know-- everytime I see a hummingbird, I think-- miracle, miracle!


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