Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pottie Pitcher Plants

From the Really Cool Weird Plants file:
Here are my pitcher plants, thriving from generous spring rains. I admit I dote on them. They look like they're having a fine old time, those tricky little carnivores! Mouths wide open...all they need are googly eyes.

In SECRET KEEPERS, thanks to poetic license, the pitcher plants are "big as lampshades."

It never occurred to me they could be potties.

From today's NYT science section about the tropical pitcher plant Nepenthes lowii, "a pitcher plant found in Borneo...gets its nutrition not from insects but from tree shrews, which use the plant as a toilet."

Ultimate composting toilet. You can't greener than that.

photo of tree shrew by Ch'ien C. Lee

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