Friday, June 19, 2009

On Writing: My Interview at WordHustlerInk

Today's Bootylicious Blog Tour Stop is an interview over at WordhustlerInk.

And here is a picture of my garden this week, which after all this rain, is more weed-choked than plant-choked :)

A Southern Writer Never Kisses and Tells: An Interview with Mindy Friddle
Somewhere in a plant-choked garden in South Carolina, journalist-turned-novelist Mindy Friddle is planting some succulents in an old, broken-down cowboy boot. She’s also thinking about characters and scenes for her next novel, giving them space to roam around in her head. Mindy Friddle is the real deal, folks: a bona fide Southern lady and a talented writer to boot (pun completely intended).
WordHustler sat down with Mindy to get a feel for her writing experiences, her personal writing style, and why you have to talk to everyone about your project...

Read the complete interview here.

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