Monday, June 15, 2009

On daylilies, signed copies of SECRET KEEPERS & Whole Latte LIfe

Your Moment of Zen: It's day lily time-- here, to the left, is yesterday's treasure...sigh...already gone today. The impermanence of forms! Plenty of buds, though :)

News: Now you can get a signed copy of SECRET KEEPERS, no matter where you live! Fiction Addiction, a local bookstore in my town, will now be offering this service. And I think it's really cool...sort of like I having a jetpack and a magic robot hand that can sign books all over the globe. When you go to the Fiction Addiction link to order, indicate you'd like a signed copy of either [or both!] of my books--and any inscription or "secret" message you'd like-- in the comments section on the checkout page. Ta da-- you'll have your books signed, sealed and delivered.

Today: blog post at Whole Latte Life with lots of intriguing questions on writing and heart-warming comments. One commenter will be chosen to win a signed copy of SECRET KEEEPERS, along with a seedy character package.

Oh, and speaking of contest: a quick note to my Dear Reader emailers: the Dear Reader SECRET KEEPERS/seedy character contest is fantastic--I've received close to 200 emails, and the day is young. Not to mention the week. So I am entering all your names in the drawing, and working hard to answer every one of your emails-- which I LOVE to read. But it may take me a few days to answer you. Hold tight, I'm getting there!

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