Monday, June 8, 2009

Today's Blog Stop: Flash Fiction Chronicles

Bootylicious Booktour Blogstop today is at Flash Fiction Chronicles. Here's a portion of the interview:

FFC: Flash fiction is the perfect vehicle for learning and experimenting with different genres. In addition to your comments above, is there any other conventions a writer need consider if wanting to write in the “Southern” genre?

Mindy: Flash fiction is a wonderful way to exert pressure on a scene. At times–especially in a longer manuscript– you may have a scene that doesn’t seem to work–maybe it meanders, maybe you aren’t sure what the conversation should do, or what should happen. It seems flat. A novel, after all, is elastic– but can get flabby.

If you pare a scene down, revise it, cut it down to its essence, and consider each word, each sentence–which often happens when you write flash fiction–you can hone in on what works. Words make up sentences, sentences make up scenes, scenes make up chapters, chapters make up novels.

One novel I really admire and count as a favorite is Mrs. Bridge by Evan Connell. It is a novel made up of exquisite, economical, elegant scenes, tiny brushstrokes–and each one has an arc, like a flash fiction collection.>>CONTINUE READING>>

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