Thursday, June 4, 2009

GPS. Fireside Books. Litchfield Books.

I've learned to double check the address of an event on an actual map. I borrowed a GPS, but you never know. Once, on the way to a bookstore in rural flat fields of Mississippi, that courteous GPS voice directed me to a dirt road and eventually to a desolate field of cotton and said, "you have arrived at your destination." I think my GPS guy has a wicked sense of humor. Or maybe he was being, you know, Ironic with a capital I. He probably reads the existentialists. Or Flannery O'Connor. Just thankful I didn't encounter The Misfit.

So I was happy that Tom Warner, the generous and savvy owner of Litchfield Books at Pawley's Island called me a week before I was scheduled for the Moveable Feast Luncheon to tell me he'd already sold 60 tickets and to confirm the address. Photos below.

A medley of news today:
Headed to Fireside Books in Forest City, NC. And yes, I'll have my sly GPS with me. I'll be there at 4:30, and will be giving away a if you're in the area...drop by. You might walk away with an extra boot.

A good soul passes.
From the NYT obituaries, comes the life story of Thomas Berry, 94, a Roman Catholic priest and environmentalist dedicated to "enhancing the human-Earth relationship," who was convinced we are entering a new era "respecting and preserving the habitats of all living things as a fundamental right":
He often alluded to how his focus on the spiritual power of nature grew out of “numinous” experiences exploring woods and fields as a child, particularly his stumbling upon a lily-dotted meadow when he was about 11.
As promised, photos from the Moveable Feast at Litchfield Books. This was so much fun! It's always great to have a room full of attentive folks.


  1. I love the word “numinous.” It’s so redolent. I appreciate the obit reference. Seems the good Father was a soulful guy.
    I do like the late Ms. O’Connor’s cannon of work. Excellent chops… and talk about redolent.

  2. Yes, I like numinous, too. Cool that it's in his obituary.


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