Friday, June 5, 2009

Donna's Book Pub...pull up a chair

I'm all for pubs! So today I'm at Donna's Book Pub--all the way in Missouri-- sitting at the virtual bar, drinking some virtual Irish whiskey, answering some very real questions.

Like, why my late grandmother's Baptist Church Book Club won't read SECRET KEEPERS; why authors should never leave home without GPS and a sense of humor [the flask is optional]; what's my writing process--do I really have one?-- and what books have influenced me. Thanks to Donna Volkenannt for her interview, and for her intriguing blog on writing, publishing, and books. Check it out:

Q. While showing a healthy respect for Southern values and lifestyles, you poke fun, in a non-judgmental way, at some of the strict religious beliefs and practices of your characters. How has that aspect of your novel been received?

A. That's an interesting question. Dora, Emma Hanley's adult daughter, is having a crisis in faith, in part because she's never come to terms with an event in the past she still feels guilty about. The more empty she feels inside, the more she shops, buying "Christ-centered decor" at a faith-based commerce mall. While leading the Firm Believers Aerobics Group, she feels herself "just going through the motions." Some people may not see the humor in Dora's escapades, but I hope they won't take offense. There's satire, of course, but Dora is truly suffering, and her sadness eventually drives her deeper to face her life NOW. >>>READ MORE>>

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